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Sam Oldfield
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Sam Oldfield Love the old school, chaotic, high energy, thrash filled vibe. combined with raspy, grungey melodic singing, it all just works perfectly together. Favorite track: Pushing Up Daisies (Feat. Tom Kennedy of Bare Bones).
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released May 4, 2015

Recorded/Mixed at Electric Sun Studios with Stevie Knight
Mastered by Stevie Knight and Dave Petrovic



all rights reserved


STARRATS Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: Dead End
Where did we lose it?
What have we done?
This is society at its worst

I spend more time with my friends online than real life
So why am i alone?

I am the product of my childhoods failed dreams
I never woke to find out if I will succeed
I'm on a downer

Live with regret
Regret the way I live

We live to work
And we work to live in aged care homes
Till we are nothing but bones
Nothing but bones

Pilled out of our minds
Just enough time to unwind while we slowly die

I wont accept the honour
If i haven't done anything
I will not plagiarize my life

Oh its good
Yeah I know its good
Know it's good
You've got me wrong
A little misunderstood

I'm on a down hill slope
And i'm losing
I am losing
So fuck everything
Fuck everything
Fuck everything
Fuck you.
Track Name: Quintessentially Correct
I've suffered
The trauma of existence
A head wound like no other
My own bitter medicine

Chaos calls
Chaos calls
Raise your right hand
Swear on the fiction of a best seller
Into your web of lies

Oh boy, i know its wrong

I got my finger on a loaded gun
An itchy trigger, and I'm out for fun

Go on get runnin'
You know Its back and forth and back and forth and goddamn
I was set on the cage

We'll end the war by starting a war
We'll end the war by starting a war
We will start a war

Marching one by one
It looks so good through the eye of the scope
You'd better hope I don't counter the wind

Pray to your god

Run like hell.
Track Name: Pushing Up Daisies (Feat. Tom Kennedy of Bare Bones)
I should have seen it coming
In peripherals, even by coincidence
I saw nothing
Blinded by my own ignorance
Couldn't change a thing

So hold me
Like the rope held you
Break me
Like they broke your heart

Get back on the horse
Or get back to the grave

You, became a slave
To your worst memories
You sunk to the bottom of yourself
Prepare for the worst
Fuck everything else

You cared too much for not enough

So hold me
Like the rope held you
Break me
Like they broke your heart
So hold me
Like the rope held you
Fuck you, you selfish fuck

I couldn't change a thing
I couldn't change a thing
Oh hell
I couldn't change a thing

Show me some heart next time

Nothing could be that bad
Nothing could be that bad

You cared to much for not enough
Nothing could be that fucking bad
Track Name: Randy Marsh
Tearing at my skin
Tearing me apart
Tearing limb from limb

Did I survive?
Am I alive?
I was never suppose to live anyway

I am not afraid

Sorry I'm not
Track Name: Guilt (Feat. Angus Long of Life Pilot)
Suffering was beaten and hung up by a rope
Mercy turned off the light, hoping to take the image away
But it stayed
Burnt in his memory
Every time he closed his eyes he saw that shadow swinging.

"Lord forgive me
I wasnt right this time
Change my name
Coward suits me better
Lord forgive me
I have nothing left to say
Im guilty
It should've been me who swayed"

"Oh i'll never sleep
For my own head spins
Smite me oh mighty one"

"I cant get up
I am, tired of running
I cant wake up
I am dead and rotting"

Roses for the dead
Dead for the soil
Soil for the roses
Back through the circle
"I am mercy
I am misery"

Lord forgive me.

Never forget
Never forget
Track Name: Gods Regret
Let the flood wash away our hatred
Let it wash away the pain and segrigation
Let it ferment our souls
A worldwide baptism to a God we will never know

This was never a heaven
So we made it a hell
Walk these streets
Like it's the only place we'll ever go
I can't bare it
I am no proud owner of land
For this is not my home

What if fiction becomes a fact?
What if fact, becomes a trap?

We only know one thing for sure
When we die. It's over.
We only know one thing for sure
That it's over

"I will wipe from the face of the Earth, The human race, that I have created, for I regret nothing."

Let the earth flood
Let it wash away our sins
Our thoughts still impure
As we sink
Nothing like a slow dance
To salute the end of the world
I'll sink into the unknown

Nothing like a slow dance
To salute the end of the world.